What is a Voting Bloc?

So, what is a voting bloc?

Voting blocs can have varied forms depending on their intentions.

For our purposes, a voting bloc is a bipartisan united group of individuals with a common interest and action.

Our common interest is the protection of animals.

Our common action is using our vote as a voice for animals in Jefferson County.

Are you frustrated by Jefferson County Government’s apparent apathy towards animals? Then join our efforts, and use your vote as a voice for the animals!

We will support any Jefferson County candidate that actively supports animal-protection.

With political-party primary runoffs now complete, and the general elections being held in November, now is the time for us to coalesce.

Did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the population of Jefferson County is 665,027; the county covers 1,112.61 square miles, and encompasses at least 66 cities and towns? That’s a lot of opportunity!

A list of cities and towns in Jefferson County, as well as a map of the county, is located under the RESOURCE tab.

If you have friends, family or coworkers within Jefferson County, please let them know about our efforts, and how they can help protect animals.

Sign-up through our confidential ‘Join JCVAP Today!’  form in the right sidebar.

Become a member of the Jefferson County Voters for Animal Protection voting bloc!

If they are on Facebook, please share our Jefferson County Voters for Animal Protection page with them.

Our strength is in numbers, so let’s get them growing!

Thanks for all you do.

Victoria ~


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